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V. Putcha, L. Cheng, A. Alian, M. Zhao, H. Lu, Bertrand Parvais, N. Waldron, D. Linten, N. Collaert

2021 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, IRPS 2021 - Proceedings

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The GaN-on-Si technology for the upcoming RF/6G/mm-Wave applications requires a robust buffer design for enhanced device performance and improved reliability. The defect states present in the various layers of the buffer stack can have a detrimental impact on both the DC and the AC performance of the device, as they can interact with the 2DEG channel carriers and/or contribute to buffer leakage mechanisms. An important reliability concern is the dynamic-RON, arising from the interaction of the 2DEG channel with the defects in the buffer stack and/or the defects in the barrier layer or barrier/cap interface. In this work, an improved and more robust current transient spectroscopy technique is used to extract the time constant spectra and the activation energies of various buffer defects. A thinner GaN channel layer is shown to increase the dynamic-RON, while a specific buffer stack configuration is shown to have a considerable impact the dynamic-RON.

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