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Astrid Sierens, Astrid Sierens, Isel Grau, Luis Daniel Hernandez, Simeon Michel, Vicky Froyen, Catherine Middag,

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In this master thesis, a new interactive subgroup discovery algorithm is proposed. This method has two main contributions. First, the algorithm allows the expert to intervene during the search process by assessing each subgroup with a degree of appreciation which influences the search process. The second contribution is a diversity parameter that allows the user to avoid that the new subgroups share more than a chosen percentage of instances with already found subgroups. Experiments show that when diversity control is performed, the resulting subgroups have less overlap than the baseline version of the algorithm. Additionally, when using the proposed interactive version of the algorithm, a higher user appreciation of the subgroups is observed. This interactive subgroup discovery algorithm was implemented in the backend of a conversational agent for supporting business analysts in data mining tasks.