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Bertrand Parvais, Rana Yasser ElKashlan, R. Elkashlan, H. Yu, A. Sibaja-Hernandez, B. Vermeersch, V. Putcha, P. Cardinael, R. Rodriguez, A. Khaled, A. Alian, Uthayasankaran Peralagu, M. Zhao, S. Yadav, G. Gramegna, J. Van Driessche, Nadine Collaert, Nadine Collaert

SISPAD 2021 - 2021 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices, Proceedings

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A review of the modelling requirements to establish a Design-Technology Co-Optimization loop for mmWave Front-End Modules is presented. The example of GaN/Si technology is detailed, and recent modeling developments are explained

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