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MedInfo 2021: One World, One Health: Global Partnership for Digital Innovation

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Though a clinical pathway is one of the tools used to guide evidence-based healthcare, promoting the practice of evi- dence-based decisions on healthcare services is incredibly challenging in low resource settings (LRS). This paper pro- posed a novel approach for designing an automated and dy- namic generation of clinical pathways (CPs) in LRS through a hybrid (knowledge-based and data-driven based) algorithm that works with limited clinical input and can be updated whenever new information is available. Our proposed ap- proach dynamically maps and validate the knowledge-based clinical pathways with the local context and historical evi- dence to deliver a multi-criteria decision analysis (concor- dance table) for adjusting or re-adjusting the order of knowl- edge-based CPs decision priority. Our finding shows that the developed approach successfully delivered probabilistic-based CPs and found a promising result with Jimma Health Center “pregnancy, childbearing, and family planning” dataset.

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