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Artem Shcheglov, Yunfeng Nie, Colas Schretter, Rob Heeman, Arthur van der Put, Willem Hoving, Thienpont, Hugo, Peter Schelkens, Ottevaere, Heidi

Optics Express

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We demonstrate a miniaturized broadband spectrometer employing a reconstruction algorithm for resolution enhancement. We use an opto-digital co-design approach, by firstly designing an optical system with certain residual aberrations and then correcting these aberrations with a digital algorithm. The proposed optical design provides an optical resolution less than 1.7 nm in the VIS-channel (400-790 nm) and less than 3.4 nm in the NIR-channel (760-1520 nm). Tolerance analysis results show that the components are within a commercial class, ensuring a cost-efficient design. We build the prototype with a size of 37x30x26 mm(3) and demonstrate that by applying a restoration algorithm, the optical resolution can be further improved to less than 1.3 nm (VIS-channel) and less than 2.3 nm (NIR-channel). (C) 2022 Optica Publishing Group under the terms of the Optica Open Access Publishing Agreement

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