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Michiel Dhont, Elena Tsiporkova, Veselka Boeva

Studies in Big Data

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In industrial settings, continuous monitoring of the operation of assets generates a vast amount of data originating from a multitude of very diverse sources. This data allows to study and understand asset performance in real operating conditions, paving the way for failure prediction, machine setting optimisation and many other industrial applications. However, it is not always feasible and neither wise to approach data analytics for such applications by merging all the available data into a single data set, which often leads to information loss. The literature lacks methods to inspect asset performance based on splitting the data in different views corresponding to different types of monitored parameters. The multi-view data analysis method proposed in this work allows to extract operating modes for an industrial asset and subsequently, profile their performance. In this two-step approach, the endogeneous (internal working) data view is first exploited to detect and characterise distinct operating modes, while an exogeneous (operating context) data representation (disjoint with the endogeneous view) of these operating modes is subsequently used to derive prototypical performance profiles via non-negative matrix factorisation. The application potential and validity of the proposed method is illustrated based on real-world data from a wind turbine.

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