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Nicolas Ospitia, Eleni Tsangouri, Johan Stiens, Ali Pourkazemi, Angelis, Dimitrios

Conference proceedings Ferro13

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The present study demonstrates a combination of elastic and electro-magnetic wave based Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques for the monitoring of the curing state of textile reinforced cement (TRC). Millimetre wave (MMW) spectrometry, was used as a non-contact high resolution electromagnetic technique that was able to monitor the chemical reactions involved in the hydration of cement, and the evaporation of water. In addition, Ultrasound Pulse Velocity (UPV) was used as a well-established, elastic wave-based benchmarking technique, for monitoring of TRC hardening progress. Results evidenced that UPV was directly related to the development of stiffness in the material, while MMW Spectrometry was sensitive to chemical reactions at a microstructural level. Interpretation of results and possible application of both techniques are also discussed along with their complementarity, which makes them a complete technological solution for condition monitoring of thin lightweight structural elements during manufacturing as well as in operation.