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AliReza Alian, Raul Rodriguez, Sachin Yadav, Uthayasankaran Peralagu, Arturo Sibaja-Hernandez, Vamsi Putcha, Ming Zhao, , Rana ElKashlan, Bjorn Vermeersch, Hao Yu, Erik Bury, Ahmad Khaled, Nadine Collaert, Nadine Collaert, Bertrand Parvais

ESSDERC 2022 - IEEE 52nd European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC)

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This work investigates scaling of the GaN channel thickness on top of a carbon-doped GaN buffer (cGaN) grown on 200mm Si substrates. Device performance tradeoffs are analyzed in terms of DC, RF, reliability and thermal behavior. A thinner channel improves DIBL, Ioff,Vth roll-off and degrades fT,fmax , PAE, Pout, charge trapping and thermal conductance characteristics. Transconductance was observed to increase under high saturation drain bias for thin and short channels indicating the lateral device scaling potential of cGaN based HEMTs.

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