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Takashi Nishitsuji, Nobuya Shiina, David Blinder, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Takashi Kakue, Peter Schelkens, Tomoyoshi Ito, Takuya Asaka

Optics Express

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Three-dimensional (3D) display using electroholography is a promising technology for next-generation television systems however, its applicability is limited by the heavy computational load for obtaining computer-generated holograms (CGHs). The CG-line method is an algorithm that calculates CGHs to display 3D line-drawn objects at a very high computational speed but with limited expressiveness for instance, the intensity along the line must be constant. Herein, we propose an extension for drawing gradated 3D lines using the CG-line method by superimposing phase noise. Consequently, we succeeded in drawing gradated 3D lines while maintaining the high computational speed of the original CG-line method.

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