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Hao Yu, Bertrand Parvais, U. Peralagu, R. Y. Elkashlan, Rana Yasser ElKashlan, R. Rodriguez, A. Khaled, S. Yadav, A. Alian, M. Zhao, N. De Almeida Braga, J. Cobb, J. Fang, P. Cardinael, A. Sibaja-Hernandez, Nadine Collaert, Nadine Collaert

2022 International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM 2022

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Trapping in an impurity (e.g. Fe, C) doped back barrier (BB) causes pronounced on-resistance (Ron) dispersion of GaN HEMTs. We demonstrate that the BB trapping is alleviated by increasing 2DEG density Nsh in the GaN channel (50% increased Nsh results in 30% less Delta mathrm{R} -{on}) and inserting an additional intrinsic AlGaN BB (100 nm AlGaN with 50% less Delta mathrm{R} -{on}). We propose a novel flat-AlGaN-BB-energy-band designing criterion for the AlGaN/C-GaN BB combination.

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