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Harutaka Shiomi, David Blinder, Tobias Birnbaum, Yota Inoue, Fan Wang, Tomoyoshi Ito, Takashi Kakue, Peter Schelkens, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba

Appl. Optics

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We propose a deep hologram converter based on deep learning to convert low-precision holograms into middle-precision holograms. The low-precision holograms were calculated using a shorter bit width. It can increase the amount of data packing for single instruction/multiple data in the software approach and the number of calculation circuits in the hardware approach. One small and one large deep neural network (DNN) are investigated. The large DNN exhibited better image quality, whereas the smaller DNN exhibited a faster inference time. Although the study demonstrated the effectiveness of point-cloud hologram calculations, this scheme could be extended to various other hologram calculation algorithms.

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