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Tobias Birnbaum, Raees Kizhakkumkara, Cristian Perra, Antonin Gilles, David Blinder, Tomasz Kozacki, Peter Schelkens

Appl. Optics

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Digital reconstructions of numerical holograms enable data visualization and serve a multitude of purposes ranging from microscopy to holographic displays. Over the years, many pipelines have been developed for specific hologram types. Within the standardization effort of JPEG Pleno holography, an open-source MATLAB toolbox was developed that reflects the best current consensus. It can process Fresnel, angular spectrum, and Fourier–Fresnel holograms with one or more color channels it also allows for diffraction-limited numerical reconstructions. The latter provides a way to reconstruct holograms at their intrinsic physical instead of an arbitrarily chosen numerical resolution. The Numerical Reconstruction Software for Holograms v10 supports all large public data sets featured by UBI, BCOM, ETRI, and ETRO, in their native and vertical off-axis binary forms. Through the release of this software, we hope to improve the reproducibility of research, thus enabling consistent comparison of data between research groups and the quality of specific numerical reconstructions.

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