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Leo McElroy, Quentin Bolsee, Quentin Bolsee, Nadya Peek, Neil Gershenfeld

Proceedings - SCF 2022 - 7th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication

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We present an open-source, web-based, client-side editor for parametric printed circuit board (PCB) design which supports bidirectional editing between our JavaScript hardware description language and a direct manipulation graphical interface. We developed a JSON format for describing component pads as SVG path data strings, referential component placements, and wire descriptions with curves, arbitrary degree Bezier splines, fillets, and chamfers. Boards can be exported in their JavaScript representation, as SVGs, or in Gerber format. The web-editor also supports interactive elements which update PCB designs in real-time such as number sliders, component translation handles, and drag-and-drop component libraries. Our tool was successfully used for developing and sharing basic boards in a distributed global class on digital fabrication and by researchers to produce procedurally generated designs. SVG-PCB offers the power and flexibility of a general purpose programming language for designing boards with the ease of use of a graphical user interface.

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