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Dongyang Yan, Yang Zhang, Dries Peumans, Mark Ingels, Piet Wambacq

2023 IEEE BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and Technology Symposium, BCICTS 2023

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In this paper, a two-stage Ka-band power amplifier (PA) utilizing a sub-quarter-wavelength (SQWL) balun is presented for efficient and compact series power combining. The differential two-stage PA includes a high-order interstage matching network to suppress AM-PM distortion without the addition of additional active devices. The PA is fabricated using a 150nm GaN technology and produces over 32 dB m output power across a frequency range of 26–30 GHz. The differential pair plus SQWL balun occupies a small area of only 0.4mm 2 , resulting in a high power density of 5.725 W/mm 2 • The presented PA is among the highest in power & efficiency achieved with a differential-end PA at Ka-band frequency range in G a N technologies.

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