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Fan Wang, David Blinder, Tomoyoshi Ito, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba

Optical Design and Testing XIII

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We have developed a novel point-polygon hybrid method (PPHM) for calculating computer-generated holograms (CGHs), which takes advantage of both point-based and polygon-based methods. While point-based methods are good at presenting object details, polygon-based methods are good at efficiently rendering high-density surfaces with accurate occlusion. The PPHM algorithm combines the strengths of both methods and eliminates their weaknesses to achieve higher computational efficiency. It utilizes a low-polygon approximation of the original 3D polygonal meshes and leverages the computational advantages of the wavefront recording plane and look-up table methods to generate high-resolution holograms with smooth focal cues quickly. The proposed PPHM algorithm is validated to present continuous depth cues and accurate occlusion with fewer triangles, implying high computational efficiency without quality loss.

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