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Luca Buzzatti, Benyameen Keelson, Cattrysse, Erik, Buls, Nico, Gert Van Gompel, De Mey, Johan, Scheerlinck, Thierry, Jef Vandemeulebroucke, Baeyens, Jean-Pierre, Kevin Langlois, Lefeber, Dirk



The present invention relates to a device (1) for use with a four-dimensional radiological imaging modality. The device comprises: - a base structure (11) and a table (10) slidably mounted with respect to one another, said base structure being at one end provided with a platform (12) at an angle relative to said table, and - a counteracting structure (20) arranged to apply to the table a load exerting force in a direction towards the one end provided with the platform from the opposite end of the base structure or vice versa.