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A disinformation detection system (100) for verification of a plurality of information items comprises:- a scoring microservice (103 300 800) configured to execute at least one trained machine learning model (301, 302 801, 802) adapted to generate a disinformation prediction for each information item and- a graph neural network (303, 803), abbreviated GNN, configured to iteratively update the disinformation prediction through iterations of a mean field algorithm exploiting correlations between the information items as modelled in a Markov Random Field (807), abbreviated MRF. In the MRF the information items represent nodes, disinformation predictions represent node labels, and correlations represent edge values.The disinformation detection system (100) further comprises a relevancy unit (820, 821) configured to determine a relevancy value (R) for a path between a starting information item and a neighbouring information item in the MRF (807), and to output the relevancy value (R) as an influence contribution of the neighbouring information item to the disinformation prediction of the starting information item.