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Chen Lulu, Yongqiang Zhao, Jiaxin Yao, Jiaxin Chen, Ning Li, Jonathan C-W Chan, Seong G Kong

Remote Sensing

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This paper presents a correlation filter object tracker based on fast spatial-spectral features (FSSF) to realize robust, real-time object tracking in hyperspectral surveillance video. Traditional object tracking in surveillance video based only on appearance information often fails in the presence of background clutter, low resolution, and appearance changes. Hyperspectral imaging uses unique spectral properties as well as spatial information to improve tracking accuracy in such challenging environments. However, the high-dimensionality of hyperspectral images causes high computational costs and difficulties for discriminative feature extraction. In FSSF, the real-time spatial-spectral convolution (RSSC) kernel is updated in real time in the Fourier transform domain without offline training to quickly extract discriminative spatial-spectral features. The spatial-spectral features are integrated into correlation filters to complete the hyperspectral tracking. To validate the proposed scheme, we collected a hyperspectral surveillance video (HSSV) dataset consisting of 70 sequences in 25 bands. Extensive experiments confirm the advantages and the efficiency of the proposed FSSF for object tracking in hyperspectral video tracking in challenging conditions of background clutter, low resolution, and appearance changes.

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