About ETRO
If you have a strong interest in Data Processing with Matlab and are looking for a new professional challenge, this is the opportunity for you.
- The candidate has a master in engineering with a strong focus on programming and algorithm implementation in the Matlab domain....
Human pose estimation has always been an active research domain in computer vision. Early solutions to this problem are based heavily on classical machine learning. Thanks to the extensive development of recent deep learning methods that revolutionize many domains in computer vision and the availabi...
Deep machine learning models have achieved state-of-the-art performance in most image processing (e.g., super-resolution, denoising, reconstruction) and computer vision tasks (e.g., classification, se- mantic segmentation, and object detection). Powerful deep learning modes ...

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Sometimes we don’t yet know that we need you, so we need you to tell us! After all, we always have a place for exceptional people. So, if you want to work at ETRO but can’t find the right job opening, you’re always welcome to send us an open application. Tell us who you are and what you’d like to do, and perhaps there’s an opportunity for you, now or in the future.

ETRO is located in the heart of Europe. Colored by cultural diversity, reflected both in the city of Brussels and in the research group, with its interdisciplinary research projects. ETRO offers an international and multicultural environment and a positive and creative work place. With its three research groups specialising in different areas, cooperation and open communication are at the forefront of ETRO’s daily life. ETRO is an enthusiastic, hard working, professional and welcoming environment to work at and make new friendships.