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Project description 

The RehabGoesHome Rehabilitation Guardian project for YOung and Elderly Patients at Home, from the LABO (Faculty of Medicine) and ETRO (VUB) will build on the technology developed during the ICT4Rehab project (funded by Innoviris until February). ICT4Rehab has established an ICT platform for horizontal integration of various components (data collection, database storage, data visualization and processing) to provide remediation solutions in clinical centers and under the direct supervision of therapists. The RehabGoesHome project will help improve the ICT4Rehab platform with developments enabling the use of rehabilitation tools in patients' homes. Several scientific challenges will have to be solved in order to relocate some aspects of patient monitoring and optimize remote control by therapists to ensure that patients carry out rehabilitation programs.

Another problem addressed by the RehabGoesHome project is the acceptance of the tools developed (such as remote control of patients, rehabilitation through the use of serious games, etc.) by therapists and by the national security system. The circulation of patient-related personal information between patients' homes and therapists should be discussed with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. These legal and ethical issues are key issues for the valorisation of the results that will be achieved by the project.

Runtime: 2014 - 2016