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Michiel Dhont, Elena Tsiporkova, Nicolas Gonzalez-Deleito, Bruno Cornelis

2022 IEEE 25th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSC 2022

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It becomes common practice to equip our cities and streets with a wide range of sensors (e.g., cameras, inductive loops and push buttons for pedestrians). Those sensors are paving the way for smart monitoring of traffic, which is nowadays already used to, for example, dynamically steer traffic flows by controlling traffic lights or track stolen vehicles. However, such data remains very complex to thoroughly inspect and interpret. In this paper we exploit an advanced spatio-temporal disaggregation technique to extract insights from ANPR data. More specifically, we visualise and analyse spatial and temporal insights from vehicle detections along street segments in a dense network of ANPR cameras in the police district of Voorkempen, Belgium. The proposed analysis tools can be integrated in an intelligent transportation system (ITS) to support traffic monitoring by the appropriate authorities.

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