Starting a PhD at ETRO 

Some of our open positions are listed on our vacancies page. However, if you are interested in specific research topics or in collaborating with specific professors, please do not hesitate to contact the professors directly.


In order to work full time on a PhD, a stable and sufficiently large source of income is crucial. This funding might originate from a research project your promotor already got funded, from a personal research grant you obtain from a national or international science foundation or from many other sources. The options for funding are very diverse and often depend on thematic calls from the funding agencies. Hence, identifying the best funding source is often not easy. Therefore, it is important to discuss the different funding possibilities with your promotor. He has access to the most recent information.


The formal application process at the VUB is described in full detail here. Before applying, please ensure that a professor has accepted to be promotor of your PhD.