STEM - High School
Career opportunities

Technology is a key component in today’s society and the rapid evolutions in this field ensure that there’s never a shortage of job opportunities. Engineers high a very broad scientific and technical background and are versatile and skilled problem solvers. These key characteristics are opening doors in many different branches and sectors. Graduates are ready for the international job market because of their thorough training with English as the working language. VUB helps them take their first steps on the job market with workshops, networking events, job fairs and tips for job interviews. It’s all an ambitious student needs!

For instance, the graduates of the Master in Applied Computer Science programme can undertake different positions, including research engineers, software developers, system architects, IoT engineers, data scientists and data engineers, business developers and consultants, in the private sector or in (non-) governmental organisations, or continue their academic career as a PhD researchers, or found companies.

Similarly, with a Master of Biomedical Engineering, the student has ample possibilities of finding a job in Flanders, Belgium, Europe or around the world inindustry, hospitals, health care, universities and research institutes, in government positions and many more, for example:

  • PhD-student at a university or at a large industry R&D-department.
  • Product manager or project leader in an (R&D-) industry.
  • Medical physics engineer in a hospital.
  • Government/public health.
  • Consultancy in a wide range of functions, from product design to safety regulations.
  • Notified bodies, Regulatory Affairs Managers, screening new products for a CE-mark, patent offices…
  • Health Insurance, improving health care and controlling costs.
  • Any job requiring the traditional analytical and organizational skills of the academically trained engineer (general consultancy jobs, top functions in administration, banking sector..