STEM - High School

ETRO has a tradition of welcoming groups for guided tours, workshops etc. If you are interested in visiting us with a group, do not hesitate contacting us!

Some examples of what we offer:

  • Workshops for schools. Typically targeting groups between 10 and 25 students, target age 16-18. Depending on the topic, this can be younger. Some topics require mathematical skills like matrix operations, derivatives and intergration. Example: Build your own step counter. During a 2-hour workshop we go over the algorithms needed to count steps in an accelerometer signal obtained from an activity tracker. Includes a presentation with mathematical background and then hands-on work wiht either Python or excel.
  • Workshops for university students, student groups etc. For instance in the context of BEST summer schools. Example: 1 week summer school on reinforcement learning in games. Students are building an autopilot for Mario.